Twitter Clone on Ardor

Twitter Clone on Ardor

OK this is not a toy anymore. :)

This is a Twitter clone completely building on Ardor platform, or precisely, the Ignis child-chain of Ardor.

I must say I’m no professional developer and only planned to learn some Ardor by doing this, but turns out got most functions done.

It use two build-in functions of Ardor platform:

Messages and Account Property.

The idea is quite simple:

  • Every Ardor account is a Tweet account.
  • The name of Ardor account is the Username of the Tweet account.
  • Every Unencrypted message sending to account itself is a Public Tweet.
  • Every Unencrypted message sending to other account is a Public @-Reply.
  • Every Encrypted message sending to other account is a Direct Message.
  • Setting a property naming ‘following’ to other account means you are Following him/her.

This dApp is just a implementation of those protocols.

Actually you don’t have to use this, every implementation of those protocols can work perfectly with each other. And you can even do all those things within Message section of the official Ardor client.

At the rate when this dApp is writing(July 20,2018), sending a tweet cost around 0.0025 USD (0.025 Ignis) and following cost around 0.025 USD (0.25 Ignis).

If you are interest you can download it from Ardor Data Cloud (need client):


More features?

This dApp using only basic Ardor API calls and without designing any data structure of my own, and all messages are plain text.

Simply sending a designed custom json object instead of plain text will open a whole new gate for new features.

Just leave the idea. :p