Kit Malone

I considered posting a “me too” but held back for a lot of the reasons you outlined here. I went through relentless sexual harassment in late elementary, middle, and the first part of high school. However, I was presenting as male at the time, and I worried that people would think that those experiences “didn’t count.”

The fact is, I’ve been rather lucky since coming out with regard to these things. I work in a female dominated industry, and haven’t been sexually harassed in the workplace. Since I started presenting as me —as a woman — the worst I’ve gotten is catcalls on the street. So, I am far safer now than I was back when I was a kid and presenting as male.

The rules behind “me too” seemed not to incorporate this sort of narrative. And like you, I have a hard time with attempts at solidarity that seem built to alienate rather than affirm and support.

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