Why I Hate Marketing

Marketing is my job. How can I hate something I choose to do for a living? I used to love the numbers and I was obsessed with tracking every little win.

I would refresh the page waiting to see those conversions spike. Again.

Let’s back up. Almost 2 years ago I left my full time job at an agency to work on my own. I was convinced that with all the knowledge I’d gained creating results-driven campaigns for large successful companies, that I would have no problem building my own audience of loyal followers online.

Boy was I wrong.

I did have the skills required to build a successful business and I understood the technical stuff. On paper it all seemed pretty good.

The strategy was there, but what I didn’t realize is that strategy doesn’t build a business, people and ideas do.

I attended inbound 2014 a few weeks ago and I listened to Simon Sineck talk about leadership in business. He mentioned the launch of his latest book and said that if someone asked him how many copies of the book he has sold, he would have no idea… Not even a ballpark estimate.

What? But what about the numbers? I thought marketing was all about the numbers.

He cared more about the impact his book was having on the lives of others.

Spreading his ideas was more important than some graph trending upwards. Numbers without impact don’t change lives, people and ideas do.

Sometimes we get stuck in the numbers because we want something impressive to show our bosses or clients. They like those pretty charts and colorful graphs.

I’m becoming more and more sour to the marketing concepts I learned in school and more in tune to the people I want to serve.

Instead of asking how can we increase sales, I want to start asking how can we better serve our audience? How can we help people? How can we make a difference?

Yes, numbers are important. It’s good to track results and improve upon your successes by better understanding what works and what doesn’t.

But, as I’ve learned in my own business, people choose to work with people they share common ideas with. People who care about the same things and people who hold similar values.

Sadly, marketers have turned authenticity into a buzzword but let’s just say… Be a genuine, caring person and let it show in every aspect of your work.

Don’t start with numbers. Start with people and ideas.

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