Progressivism: Bernie’s Doing It Wrong
Val Perry

Nice hit piece. Now let me tell you why you’re completely and utterly wrong.

It’s so easy to take little bits out of legislation and claim that a politician opposes or supports this or that, but I prefer to live in reality. You have to look at the entire bill and weigh pros and cons. You don’t always agree with everything in a bill, making it something you simply cannot support despite some things you agree with. Sanders always sticks to his principles, the main difference between him and the vast majority of politicians.

This article is very reminiscent of the smear attack Clinton made against Sanders during the primary. She claimed he opposed money to save the auto industry in Michigan. Of course the piece of legislation she was referring to was not even focused on saving our auto industry, because it was actually a wall street written bill.

The true purpose of the bill was the bailout of wall street. While Clinton was fighting strongly for her criminal buddies on wall street, aka her financial overlords she is beholden to, Sanders opposed bailing out the criminals that just had destroyed our economy with their reckless greed and their “above-the-law”, selfish attitude.

He did not think rewarding their criminal behavior with taxpayer money was a great idea and the right thing to do. Secretary Clinton was delighted to give her wall street donor criminal friends all the money they asked for. She is bought and paid for by big monied special-interests, while he is beholden only to the people.

There is a clear reason Sanders is the most popular politician in the country right now. He knows the legalized bribery, the uninviting democratic party exclusivity attitude and the rigged election process the DNC is currently operating under are problems democrats must address. This insider party dynamic, unwilling to open it’s doors to young people and working class people is detrimental to democracy and getting the right candidates.

They use terrible policies such as closed primaries, due dates for registration to get voting access, and the disgracefully undemocratic superdelegate system to influence the race, doing everything possible to ensure establishment, insider candidates get the nomination in their party.

Sanders, unlike Clinton, understands that affluent fundraising events and super PACs are a slap in the face to the general public. He understands that our current oligarchy-esque, elitist controlled system does not represent the interests of the vast majority of American citizens, and is blatantly rigged for the wealthiest few at unprecedented levels.

He understands that the establishment needs to be dismantled and a political revolution needs to happen. He understands the need for politicians to be honest with their constituents, and that having “private positions", explained in wall street speech bribes, closed to the public, are completely unacceptable.

This attack piece is lazy, manipulative and nothing more than a baseless, intentionally inaccurate smear. A hit piece designed to damage a great man’s reputation.

The great thing is that people see past this propaganda, and Sanders currently has the best chance at clinching the 2020 democratic primary nomination. I expect the establishment to smear him as relentlessly as they can, but even they know it is too late to stop him at this point. He has ultimately won.

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