Nice hit piece. Now let me tell you why you’re completely and utterly wrong.
Gale Rogers Jr.

Seeing as how he is the outreach chair leader for the democrats in the senate, I think we can conclude they value his voice.

If the democrats don’t heed his message of cutting their corporate ties and start truly representing the people of the country, they will continue to LOSE like they’ve been doing phenomenally the past 4 elections. The Clinton, corporate democrats are LOSERS.

Bernie has a winning strategy, which is why he is hands down the most popular politician today. The democrats need to change from republican tactics of appeasing their corporate masters, because they’re playing a game they cannot win, because the republicans will always sell out more, raise more money, gerrymader and suppress votes.

Only the power of the people can beat the oligarchy elite. Democrats can either side with the people, or keep being two-faced, and losing.

Identity politics, SJW rhetoric and fake progressivism will be the downfall of the left. True progressives, not beholden to special interests, are our nation’s only hope.

The establishment democrats need to learn their lesson, or step aside. That’s all there is to it.

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