The Populist Progressives

The magic formula of political dominance is in the making, the basics of which are already well layed out. Populist progressives, who are just mainstream enough to be taken seriously and principled enough to connect with people and truly represent the majority of all common citizens.

To win as a populist progressive, your views have to be realistic and well planned out. You have to have practical solutions. People must take you seriously and you must show detailed knowledge of government and foreign policy. You also have to be down to earth, and be relatable to the people.

Then the most important policies must be incorporated. Solid, consistent principles including the very most important one: rejecting big money, special interests, lobbyists, corporate influence and all other types of corruption.

You must stand by these principles with fierce passion. You must be a well spoken, clever and mildly aggressive debater. You must use your principles along with mainstream opinions in mind, and have a sufficiently robust view on everything in the political world.

You must appeal to sensitive people, but do not let the mistakes of the social justice warriors be repeated. Classic liberalism is needed to appeal to the majority of people who focus on the most important issues. Regressive rhetoric, especially using pro-censorship positions, is a sure way to lose.

One of the most effective strategies is hammering the anti-establishment, anti-corruption principles, using them as weapons towards any rivals who engage in the legalized bribery system currently running our political campaigns and therefore the law. Let them know, loud and clear, that you are not bought and paid for.

You make clear that you fight for the people, not the elite oligarchy. Then you fight like hell, call the corporatists out on their fake rhetoric and lies.

That is the winning strategy. It’s time to clean up the system, and have a government that represents the people like they are supposed to.