Good College or Good Stream — How to choose?

Should I focus on choosing a better college or a better stream? — If you are an engineering aspirant, this question must be eating a lot of your mind space! In the times when you want to focus only on your preparation, this choice of course and college is irritating. We think, “Why don’t they just tell us — this is good for you, go here!” I wish…!

Though this decision is an extremely tough one, here are different schools of thought that you can refer to while taking a decision. It is based on real experiences, mind you.

1) Go by your interest. If you are more interested in Computer Science, take it irrespective of the college. But if stream doesn’t matter to you, go for the best campus.

2) Level and quality of education should be the priority. Aim for both — a good college with a good stream. Stretch yourself and work too hard.

3) Look forward to branch upgradation. Get into a good college and choose any stream. Then study properly. If results are good, get a branch upgrade in second year. Well, if that’s an option…maybe you can give it a try.

4) Think about your professional life in future. Ask yourself — do you want to sit in an office working on targets but taking a hefty salary? OR do you want to go out in field and make machines? Choice is yours.

5) Consider the placement scenario. Blindly go for a stream that has better placement opportunities. After all, some study to earn.

6) Choose anything if your end aim is to do MBA. Currently, most of the engineers are choosing to do MBA and get into financial corporate. If that’s the thought, then plan to enjoy your college life.

Well, there may be many more such schools of thoughts but what matter is your commitment. At the end of the day, it is you who will make a difference, not your college. There are numerous cases when students went to the top-most colleges but did not get good results while others went to not-so-good institutes and turned out to be experts. Choose wisely. All the Best!

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