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Asaf Atzmon

Asaf Atzmon Thanks for this in depth write up. A couple thoughts:
1. While the TGE takes a few hours (in our case less than 3) to insinuate that this is the amount of effort put it in is just silly. We (and all teams) work for months, if not years, to first develop the concept that will be launched (in our case a serious innovation we are excited to prove out in the wild) and then to build a proper TGE which is actually a tremendous amount of work, with tons of risk, and harder than any fundraise we’ve accomplished in the past.
2. To insinuate that our partnership announcements were bombed in the last minute as a marketing tool is also naive. These partnerships, when real, take months to create (not to mention the years of work beforehand to develop a product and team that great partners want to work with.) The announcements take about an hour to write and about a minute to push, but the represent a depth of business acumen and promise for the product and project that goes much further. Do you think we callled Tim Draper an hour before and asked if he would endorse us? Your analysis on this point jumps to a conclusion in bad faith.

Hope this helps you and your readers contextualize some of the back office work that goes into what writers and readers see as a multi hour event. And we appreciate your careful inspection of the project fundamentals and also valid concerns. More attention to detail that we’ve seen in many other writeups. Thanks!

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