Bernard Lietaer, 1942–2019

Below is an excerpt from Bancor’s Progress Update.

It’s been a busy couple months at Bancor, here’s the latest:

In Memoriam: The Passing of Bernard Lietaer

Earlier this month, we mourned the passing of Bernard Lietaer, President of the BProtocol Foundation and its Chief Monetary Officer.

Bernard was appointed by the European Central Bank to architect the Euro, and later emerged as a renowned author and advocate for financial inclusion through the use of “complementary” currency systems. His ideas are the driving force behind the Foundation’s vision for freedom of currency.

We first met Bernard when he came to Israel…

Bernard Lietaer, 1942–2019

I am deeply saddened by the loss of my dear friend and mentor Bernard Lietaer, who died Monday morning at his home in Hoherhagen, Germany with loved ones. I had the great honor of getting to know Bernard in recent years as he served as President of the Bprotocol Foundation and its Chief Monetary Officer.

Bernard was a financial justice warrior; a fierce advocate, sharp businessman and revered educator who dedicated his extraordinary career to exploring global monetary systems, uncovering truths about their effect on civilization and shaping their evolution through rigorous research, eloquent writing and heartfelt lectures around the…

ETH, BNT, STX, GNO…A Network Starts With Nodes

Today is a special day for Bancor, when a dream years in the making takes its next steps towards a fundamentally new reality.

The first step was the on June 12, 2017 which BNT in the hands of thousands of users around the world to begin to realize the vision of an automated decentralized liquidity network that could unlock the gates of innovation for millions of token creators big and small.

The second step, a week later, was , Bancor Network Token, the world’s first Bancor-compliant Smart Token…

Pierce joins Bancor advisory board alongside venture capital, finance and technology titans.

Bancor is proud to announce the addition of Brock Pierce, long-time blockchain industry entrepreneur, investor and thought-leader, to the Bancor protocol advisory board. Pierce joins a long list of respected advisers who are renowned experts in their fields, including of , monetary architect , and open source governance visionary , among others. He currently serves as partner and Head of Strategy for and , which to date.

“There is no higher sign of support than…

Accelerates ambitious development timeline through venture and crowd-backed sale

The Bancor TGE Sets World Fundraising Record

New York, NY, June 16, 2017, the standard for creation of intrinsically tradeable cryptocurrencies, or “Smart Tokens,” today announced the raise of $153 million USD in its Token Generation Event (TGE) earlier this week, the largest crowdsale in history. BNT tokens were issued immediately to contributors following the TGE conclusion via an Ethereum smart contract.

Bancor Co-Founder Galia Benartzi said, “Bancor is deeply grateful to our vast community for its support in making the project’s launch an astronomical success. …

Venture Capitalist Tim Draper Will Explore Creating an Always Liquid VC Smart Token on the Bancor Platform

Billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper, , is taking his into the new world of digital currencies offered by a technology startup. He is contributing to the Bancor Network Token launch and joining the alongside monetary and open-source technology visionaries including and .

Draper, who has been outspoken about the challenges of liquidity in traditional venture capital, is excited about the potential of the Bancor protocol to democratize to bring continuous liquidity…

A currency is a tool for mass-collaboration. It allows communities to cooperate better and for their members to specialize. It can also be used to allow teams to collaborate with each other and with those who choose to contribute resources to realize a vision together (such as building a product, creating an experience, or other.) In doing so, everyone can share in the upside.

The value of every currency is derived from the way it is being used as a tool by its issuer(s) and by its community of holders. Cryptocurrencies and tokens are typically held by an ecosystem of…

University Avenue, Palo Alto, CA #hometown

The beauty of Bancor is in its simplicity. That said, its not simple to explain. Over the past few months, we’ve been cutting our teeth, around the world, figuring out how best to transmit the concepts and implications of the Bancor protocol to people of diverse backgrounds and inclinations. Like blockchain itself, new technologies can often be challenging to process. We’ve compiled a list of the very frequently asked questions we’ve heard time and again. We hope these answers help clarify most aspects of the project, and help you better explain it to others if you’d like to share. This is a living document and all feedback is welcome.

From a piece originally featured by on April 16, 2017

Money, when it comes down to it, is a tool for collaboration. Money moves human energy, skills, and time between us, in different “containers”, or stores of value. National stores of value, like the U.S. Dollar, have historically been controlled by governments and distributed by banks. This of course happens with limited transparency, a combined domestic and International monetary policy agenda, and political considerations throughout. …

Galia Benartzi

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