The concept of women empowerment and enlightenment

Women are always special with special abilities and nature. Woman can be called as unique design and they are to be treated with love, care and affection. No man can be a best companion to the other man because woman is the best companion to man ever. Since from the ancient days women are not equally treated but overpowered by men overall. Due to the overpowering nature of man, she has been under men in every way and not allowed to think or recognized equally. Still many women rose against this and have started living in their identity. Especially in many Asian countries, women are treated under men and they are not allowed to live in their identity. They live the life as slaves for men as they do all sorts of works for men.

Women empowerment

The sad fact is that they don’t live their potential rather they live for men, children and family. The knowledge, skills and the abilities were hidden and they could not express it in any way. As women become accustomed to it they did not have proper idea to get recognition and value like men. They become completely ignorant of this so could not do anything about it. Later because of many women who wanted equality rights and wanted to live in their identity, the awareness for women empowerment was spread and it is still spreading. It seems good that women started to learn and understand about them, the equality, and their rights and to value their identity. The women empowerment concept has brought many women out of their prison.

They started to take education, and started to work in jobs and businesses. Women become entrepreneurs as many women understand their passion for business and have become owner of the business. Actually women should understand their rights so that they can demand and receive it. The value and the rights for the women will be given to them only if they demand it otherwise inequality will be imposed on them by men who always want to women at home as maids.


There were many women who can be called as thinkers of enlightenment because they got the enlightenment about the potential, uniqueness and the abilities of women and started spreading the enlightenment wider. Through such women, many women started to think and came out of the prison they have been living for many years. Through such women, many ladies have got a spark and ignition that they are unique and able to do many things like men do and to be equally treated by all. Gender equality has come, discrimination has about women rights have come and women escaped from their comfort zone and became bold to impact next generation.

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