Lili Simmons in The Role of Brave Archer — Legendary Robyn Hood

For the past 600 years, scientists have puzzled over, where came from the world-famous hero of ballads, the leader of the forest robbers Robin Hood and whether it really existed or not. What do you know about Robin Hood, apart from those pages of Walter Scott’s novel “Ivanhoe”, where it is displayed under the name of the brave yeoman and free peasant Locksley?

Robin Hood has two biographies. One is a very short. Scientists have collected it grain by grain in the ancient chronicles. From this biography can be found that Robin Hood was ravaged by his rich enemies and fled from them in Sherwood Forest, the dead and the dense thicket that ran for many tens of miles. He was joined by similar to him fugitives. He united them under his command in a formidable group of Forest Brothers and soon became the real ruler of Sherwood Forest. Robin Hood and his archers hunted forbidden royal fowl, feuded with the rich monasteries, robbed travelling Norman knights and helped the poor and persecuted. For the capture of Robin Hood authorities announced a reward numerous times. But none of the farmers in whose hut he came and none of the Forest Brothers was not tempted by these promises. This is nearly all that is known to historians about Robin Hood. The second biography of Robin Hood is much more detailed. From it you can see how he first encountered the royal foresters and the end of this meeting, how he met with the fugitive monk brother Tuck and Little John, who were his assistants, how Robin Hood won competition of archery, how he feuded with the sheriff of Nottingham who oppressed the peasants and how he refused to serve to the King Richard the Lionheart.

If you like the Robin Hood and sustain his activities, you will also certainly like the movie about Robin Hood. Another version for lovers of this movie is when Robin Hood is played by female character. Now you can see on the YouTube official action packed film where Lili Simons is playing the brave female archer Robin Hood. This original and official film comes straight from the pages of Zenescope Entertainment’s bestselling comics. The movie is directed by Jack Heller Based on of Zenescope Entertainment’s Robyn Hood. It was created by Joe Brusha and Ralph Todesco and it is totally worth watching. Regardless of whether is the man or woman in the lead role, people remember Robin Hood in the way he was described in the old folk songs. And this is the immortality of Robin Hood.