5 Quick And Smart Reasons On Why You Should Never Eat At Your Desk!

You see it at work all the time. Employees eating at their desks rather than going out to lunch. I don’t know why they do this?

Maybe its because they think they can get more done!

Personally I think multitasking is great but sometimes you need a break to walk around stretch your legs or even to talk for a little bit to your next door cubicle dweller.

Being locked up in your cubicle is a sure fire way of gaining weight as well as sick and maybe even driving yourself mad!

Why don’t people like to walk around is beyond me. I make it a point that when its time for lunch I disappear from my desk for an hour. Only because if I stayed at my desk I would be bothered by other users asking for help.

Not only that it’s a way to help my brain relax and think of more relaxing things and socialize with my lunch buddies.

Anyway here are 5 quick reasons why you should never eat at your desk.

  1. Eating and Working at the same time sucks! I have been there in the beginning and so have you. Eating should be a relaxing moment and not something you should hurry. I usually take my time and relax concentrating on my lunch rather then that email. Food should be enjoyed and not wolfed down like some animal.
  2. Getting Up and Going to Lunch. When 12 comes around I quickly stop what I’m doing get up and go to lunch. Nothing can stop me from going as this will give me a chance to get myself together and stretch my legs and my body. Stretching is great! I usually stretch in the elevator while in the elevator. I get my lunch at the cafeteria and sit down there where I can socialize laugh and listen to what is going on in the other depts
  3. Sitting all day long is bad! Yes ladies and gentlemen! Not only is sitting bad for you it helps to gain weight as well as give you blood circulation issues. I usually once an hour will tend to stand up for 15 to 20 minutes to make sure the blood circulation is going through where it needs to be.
  4. Eating at your desk makes your desk messy. You have no Idea how many users desk I have sat in and noticed the tons of crumbs all over the place. Especially on the keyboard and in between the keys. Being an IT guy it’s just that plain nasty To touch. Not only that it also brings mice and roaches to your desk. No one wants to be known as the bug girl or boy! If you going to eat, eat at the cafeteria!
  5. Eating your lunch should be a social affair. Yes i have to agree I enjoy my lunch very much not because I get to eat but I also get to socialize and just let lose and be myself. There is no reason for you to stay tied to your chair alone, stressed and bored! Get up and go to lunch! When you come back you will be more energetic and ready to do at least two more hours of work. If you go all day without a break you will burn out by the end of the day. Believe me burning out sucks but that will be for another post!

Like I said before you should take the time to relax and enjoy your lunch. Take a walk breath the fresh air and it will help you reenergize your mind and body. While the sun fills your body with Vitamin C. It will give you the boost you need to continue your day.

So go take that walk around the block and or parking lot. Or better yet go to lunch and have that “me time” we all need during the day. I promise you will feel better during the day and more aware.

Taking the time doing these things can help you become more productive at work and in your life.

Now its your turn what do you recommend?

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