We constantly hear that global warming must be capped and this is absolutely true.
Jay Parker (I)

Climate Change Can Make You Broke!

Jay great comment and i have to agree with you that where will the money come from? Its all a noble thing to care for the planet. But as always we fail to leave out the most important thing!

That thing is how are we going to pay for all of this? How are we going to retrain those workers who work on fields were there products create Climate Change?

I mean you can’t have people lose their jobs because you need an Oak tree to grow!

Personally I think this whole process of Climate Change is half assed and not really taken as important.

Sure you can put out all the laws you want but unless those laws have teeth they will be totally ignored. What do I mean about teeth?

Having people to enforce the laws that were made by a governing body on Climate Change.

And if you have been around for a long time and have watched the United Nations do things! You will know that Climate Change much like the UN will never be taken seriously.

And yet we go back to money! Who is going to pay those people who will enforce those laws?

Too much of our economy is dependent on the planets resources take that away the world will fall into utter chaos!

We can talk all day about this but like Jay said in the end it’s about money! Who is going to pay the bill? Don’t look towards America!

The Chinese got us by the balls, wars are making us broke and we have a debt that makes me wonder who people could sleep at night!

If you are going to talk about Climate Change then we need to know the full plan and not the “feel good” stuff.

Until then the planet will continue hitting us with crazy weather!