Crybaby Trump!

This evening while watching CNN the reporter began to say that Donald Trump got into a hissy fit because everyone was complaining.

Complaining about what?

Complaining about how everyone and even his own people on how badly he did on the debate with Hillary.

He yelled at his followers saying that they need to show more enthusiasm! The nerve of that guy yelling at his supporters!

You can’t deny that he did terribly! He was all over the place and could not even answer the moderators questions.

Instead he can’t help himself! He has to run his mouth while Hillary played him. He took the bait every single time.

It was embarrassing on how easily he crumbled. Even i felt a tinge of pain.

He got all these people working for him and no one is doing anything to control him and maybe actually be able to debate.

Only if his people is allowed to mold him and become a seasoned politician he might have a shot.

But it ain’t gonna happen if he keeps acting like an ass.

Keep crying Trump. Keep reaching man! Because its gonna be a waste of time.

Keep supporting him and he will disappoint you!


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