Don’t Be A Fake Ass!

I see you!

Getting out of your fancy BMW that you are paying a fortune for!

Running towards the office building you are working in while carrying your fancy fake LouisVuitton gym bag and smart phone.

Decked in the fancy clothes with the designers name all over your body kind of makes you look like a billboard.

Walking fast as if you got somewhere to go! Do you really?

The King of production makes meetings that produces nothing!

On the outside he is perceived as a man on his way!

But on the inside his life is in shambles!

Living check by check as the cost of his expensive toys are slowly taking him to the breaking point!

His wife or girlfriend begins to fuck his best friend since he spends more time at work than at home.

His work defines him as well as his toys.

You see perception will not make you see that in their outward appearance. Instead of being themselves they build this persona just so that others will notice.

But with so much competition to move up the corporate ladder that few if anyone will make it to the top.

We got a bunch of fake ass people in our workplace! They all have the same goals are basically licking their bosses asses to get ahead.

If you look at the parking lot! I can guarantee you that you will see more BMW’s, Benz and Audis than any other car.

These fake ass people will make you feel as if you are not doing enough! You start to jump in with the rest of the fakes and compete.

Soon you will face burn out! Soon you will realize that its affecting your life and your family happiness. You start losing your identity your ideas become like theirs.

The constant backstabbing and political games is enough to drive you mad!

How do I know this? Because I too adopted that fake ass lifestyle! I too dressed in corporate attire.

I too was involved in office politics and backstabbing.

At first I did not like to be like this! But once power was in the mix I began to like how people treated me, respected me! (Although that respect was more like fear)

The more power I got the less life I had.

My marriage began to fall apart as I no longer spent time with my family and instead traded my life to the company.

I carried not one cell phone but two! Plus a laptop with all the trimmings! There was no excuse for me to be unreachable

I started coming home later and angrier! I would get into fights with my Wife not because she did something wrong. But because I brought my frustration at work home!

Never do that!

I came to the realization that the power and nice clothes were an illusion. Because I was more of a slave than the regular employees.

You see the regular employees were the field Slaves while i was the House slave.

The house slave had a lot to lose because any slip up you will end up a field slave. So we work accommodate and do the dirty work of managing people.

Until one day I bumped heads with the new wanna be CIO. From there I realized and decided this fake ass shit is not for me anymore!

I slowly started getting my life back in order. I left at 5pm everyday rather than staying till 7pm. I just did not give two shits anymore. I longed to be back at the field with the rest of the chumps.

So I started looking for greener pastures and after a few months I gave my three week resignation and it felt good!

Things began to change and slow down for me.

I left that place never to return! As much as it does bother me that I had to leave some good people behind. And I did!

A few weeks later though to my sadness I found out one of my fellow fake ass died alone in his house. He had just the same amount of stress as I did! We pushed projects sometimes two at a time.

The constant work and stress may have killed him!

I was heading down the same road as my friend was. But I got lucky and saw the road I was heading down and left.

Unfortunately for him it was not.

In the end it never pays to be a fake ass! Just be yourself and not some Superman.

You will be happier that way!