As usual Jose you are right on!
Jay Parker (I)

God Bless Unions!

I know some people out there might call me a Socialist or Communist for believing in Unions.

I have to believe In them because I grew up with my Dad being a Union guy. He was a Union Guy for over 40 something years and to b honest helped him rise from the bottom to the top!

The man made enough money that my Mother could stay home and raise us! I have to say that the Union has given us the opportunity to live the American dream!

Because of the Union my Dad was able to put clothes on our backs, food on the table and whatever was left over we would go on vacation for the summer. It was great!

The Union according to what my Father told me was there to protect the American working man! After hearing the stories and even seeing for myself when I worked in the Summer with him it’s true!

I remember a job site trying to push non-Union guys and when the Union found out, the whole place stopped. No one worked until those scabs were out and the company that sent them were not allowed back to job.

These dudes are serious when it comes to their jobs! Which is how it should be!

My Dad with a sixth grade education was making close to 85,000 a year with full benefits! Don’t known any other place that does that even today. Back in the 80's that is a lot of money.

Yes I understand that Unions are not perfect. Yes that some Unions have some suspicious people working in them. But in the end we lived well! Unlike most of my friends whose parents worked in an Office made way less than my Father and both their parents worked and college educated!

I moved from Union town called NYC to Virginia. Down here these people make way less than their counterparts in NY! Why? Simple because there is no Union here! And from what I hear in the city I live in its illegal!

Can you believe that bullshit!

There are a lot tradesmen here who work for chump change! Its sad because a working Man deserves better. My Dad at times goes to Lowes and starts talking to the guys working there. The topic quickly goes to money. When my dad hears the shit money they make he tells them.

Why don’t you start a Union?

I remember he even brought some paperwork to one guy to organize. Unfortunately the guy was no longer there.

I know a field that needs to be Unionized and that is the Computer field. As you know there are many people in the field getting shit money being forced to work long hours without any benefit. Its like we are highly skilled indentured servants.

Imagine the power a unionized computer guy can have? We can shut down the whole country if we feel that we are not treated right!

Something to think about.

The Unions are great in my book and i hope that other men and women in other trades will organize.

While corporations are moving money out of the country and Americans no longer can make a living I think today is a perfect time to join or even start a Union.

Don’t let some suit dictate how much you should make! Don’t let a suit replace you for a scab! You have rights! Stand up and work together and demand a fair wage!

Great article Jay!!

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