Hey Armchair Warrior!

I see ya!

Sitting in your armchair watching the news!

Complaining how Colin Kaepernick is disrespecting the flag when you yourself don’t even stand or take off your hat when doing colors.

Yet you complain and worse yet you go buy Colin Football Jersey to burn it! Really? You spending a couple hundred bucks for that shirt just to burn it?

Mindless consumer!

You complain about Transgender people and Homosexuals as if it’s something new in the scene? I hate to break it to you Armchair warrior those people have been around for a long time!

Believe me I know! Ask anyone from a major city like NYC and they are a dime a dozen!

Stop saying your Christian God is better than Islam’s God when both Gods are the same! When you should actually pick up and do research! Real research by picking up books that explain both sides of the topic.

Stop complaining about Islam when your ass don’t even go to church every Sunday. Going to Mass in Easter or Christmas does not make you a Christian!

Remember every religion has its fanatical zealots!

Armchair warrior!

Mexicans are not taking your jobs unless you want to cut your lawns or pick fruit. Oh wait! I forgot! Your a lazy ass anyway!

Learn a new trade? Yeah right! You don’t have time for that! Dumb Ass!

Jobs have been sent overseas for years! Yes even your demigods Trump and Hillary has sent many jobs overseas rather than give you one.

Why? Its simple my friend! For the price for one of you he can get 10 guys and those 10 guys probably have college degrees while you barely have a High School Diploma!

Its simple economics!

Oh that’s right you dropped that class in High School because you thought its stupid! Now you depend on a stranger (Politician)to give you a job?

Whose the fool now?

Stop putting your patriotic crap on my Facebook!

Unless you are veteran like i’am who served proudly for my country and its people. Leave that shit alone! It shows how ignorant you are.

Armchair Warrior!

No one wants to see you driving down the road in your pickup truck with old glory waving in the back!

If you are true patriot that flag belongs up high on the pole and not waving in the back of your dirty ass truck!

It offends me!

Stop acting like you are a true American because when push comes to shove all those patriotic Tattoos are about shit!

Because you will do nothing.

Its easy to be patriotic when you are in the rear with the gear!

I love this country Armchair Warrior!

And my name is not John but Jose!

And no I’m no illegal I was born here!

I served this country and even fought in a war.

College Graduate who lives in a white neighborhood! House and two cars!

But yet you do not see me hooting and hollering about how Patriotic I am!

Don’t need to show my allegiance because if I need to step up then i will. I do not need anyone to get me to where i need to go!

Fuck Trump and Hillary!

Those clowns ain’t going to help you!

What have you done?

Probably nothing!

That’s what Armchair Warriors are!

Nothing! Keep yelling and screaming I just keep it moving and progressing in life!

While you get fat on processed foods, work a bullshit job, live in a shitty house etc

You get my drift homey!

Change lanes!