I Miss My Monkey Suit!

Its 5am and I’m up and about getting ready to go to work. I walk into my closet and start planning what I’m going to wear that day.

Pulled out a nice dress shirt, slacks and a nice tie. Now that I have that done I grab a nice pair of shoes and


I got my Monkey Suit ready to wear! People always like to make fun of people wearing their monkey suits. Saying that i will never be wearing a Monkey Suit.

Even me there was a time that i also poked fun at the corporate drone with their Monkey Suits. I have to admit though once I got to the Corporate life I kind of liked wearing the Monkey Suit.

I liked wearing it not because i liked being a corporate drone but because I like to dress up! It makes me feel good and positive. I like to wear a nice white shirt right out of the cleaners!

Looking like a CEO!

When I’m in my Monkey Suit I feel positive and confident. I walk and talk as if I own the place! People notice and approach me with respect.

I fit right in the corporate culture without a problem. The ladies like me as I’m a very charming guy. What i did not like is the backstabbing and office politics.

I learned real fast in finding my way around the office politics. Finding out who has pull and ally with them just to know what is going on in the office.

Information is important in office politics. Its always good to know what’s coming down from the Ivory Tower so you will be prepared and ready. Its like having insider trading on the latest stock price!

Now i moved to another state and get another job where it’s every Americans dream! To go to work wearing jeans polo shirt or shorts with Sandals. To be honest i feel so out of place there! I’m used to wearing my Monkey Suits and now I don’t! My wife is saying that I let myself go or that I looked depressed.

To be honest I miss my Monkey Suit!

I need to feel that power again! Look good and confident!

Feeling sad!

What do you think!

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