Be Not Afraid Of Donald Trump: Be Afraid Of The People Who Support Him
Abby Norman

I’am afraid of Donald’s Supporters.

Abby, just like you I’m a bit scared of those supporters who support Donald Trump.

They can say what they want but from what I have seen on TV the types of people the media interviews tells me that the majority of his supporters are racists, homophobes etc.

For a Donald Trump supporter to punch a Black man in the face for protesting Donald Trump goes to show that there are some angry, disillusioned, ignorant people. People who yearn to go back in time where they have control again and the rest of us are back in chains.

Seeing them being interviewed on TV and how their eyes gleam with hatred for whatever is apparent. Tells me that they taste blood!

Whether Trump wins or not his supporters are ready to start some shit! They are not much different than ISIS.

They believe that they can make America great again by living separately and not unifying with Blacks, Hispanics and other social groups.

You cannot make America great for everyone if there is no unity amongst Americans! A nation divided is a nation that is dead!

We cannot continue to live as savages while the world looks to us for guidance.

No wonder why we are falling from grace. It because people have noticed how stupid and ignorant we look like on TV.

Its sad to say that America has on the downward spiral for a long time. Much like Rome did! One day it will come and it is up to us to continue to yell from the mountains so that our echoes gets into those ignorant ears!

Again great article Abby