Is It Just Me…

When I walk into a Walmart like i usually do it’s always the same thing!

I’m sure you probably noticed yourself while shopping in any Walmart is that there are

UGLY PEOPLE working there!

I apologize if you work there but Jesus Christ! I never knew ugly until i walked into a Walmart!

Is this a Walmart criteria?

At first I thought it was just my local Walmart but as i visited other Walmarts in other states it’s always the same thing!


I’m convinced it’s part of their hiring process so as not to distract you from buying stuff. I don’t know.

I know working retail sucks! I have worked in the field when I was younger so I know the long hours, handling irate customers can bring a person down. But still why do you allow yourself to look crazy?

That’s my rant for the day!!

What do you think?

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