America Cares More About #Brangelina and #TerenceCrutcher is Just a BuzzKill
Ezinne Ukoha

It’s All About Bread And Circuses!

Its sad that people rather live in an imaginary world where everything is beautiful and feel good.

Personally I really don’t give a fuck about Brad and Angelina as they have not really helped me in anyway.

Most people do not like reality and it scares the shit out of them when they see the truth right in front of them.

The truth is that this country is not perfect and violence serves a constant reminder that at any day it could be our last.

Killing Blacks is never a good thing. Police need to get better trained in handling situations rather than pulling out the Pistol. Tasering him should have been more than enough in disabling the assailant.

Shooting someone should be the last thing an officer should do.

Yes I know the job is dangerous. But the person chose to be an Officer it did not choose them.

Being a Cop is dangerous and not like the TV shows you see.

We live in a civilized society? I highly doubt it as we see what goes on in reality.

Distract the people from the truth! Feed them with garbage, invade their eyes with more garbage and let them listen to garbage!

To a point that the people themselves cannot decipher truth from fiction anymore.

A Black man gets killed it’s reality TV!

Its like we are a bunch of little kids. With no type of priorities and responsibilities to the world around us.

We think that we are apart from the world! In reality we are so connected to one another in so many ways.

If this constant killing continues I would not be surprised if the Police begin to shoot other people In other social groups.

I believe that the reason why the Police are the way they are. Why they tend to shoot and harass minorities is because they are trained to view us with extreme prejudice!

Training has a lot to do with the us versus them viewpoint. Police versus the People.

This affects all Cops even those who are considered a minority.

Training is like boot camp in the military. They break your civilian way of thinking and then add their way of thinking and voila you are one of them.

I speak from experience because I served this country as a soldier and I even have Cops in my family and I have seen their view of the world change after they come back from boot camp or training.

We have to face reality and realize that the world no matter how technologically advanced we get, how far we progress as a nation and as a people.

We will still be dogged my our primal tendencies. Because I’m the end we are animals.

We have as individuals look inside ourselves and realize that we are not perfect. That sometimes we will make mistakes. Sometimes we will be wrong. Its being Human!

Unfortunately though most of us will never accept their imperfections and continue on with their Bread and Circuses!

Keep the party going so that the dirty work in the other room continues.

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