Just Tired Of This Bullshit, Let It All Burn!

I’m just tired! Tired of everything around me and of everything that is going on.

I feel that when I talk to express my concerns about things nothing comes out! Not a word nor a whisper.

People just would much rather go about their lives oblivious to the truth. While they love their animals more than their own seed. Where a smartphone gets more action than man.

Its crazy!

No matter how much I try to convince people of the crap that is going on. No one cares, no one wants to hear! They would much rather be told what to do. Why bother thinking when we can vote for some one or a system to think for us.

I just gave up the day that Trump was elected! I can’t wait for the next election when Kanye West runs for the Presidency. I will no longer give advice or even care for my fellow man.

Fuck it if no one cares than why should I!

We over here worried about Earth ending when its us who will make ourselves extinct! No going to another planet will help save us when we cannot even face our problems here.

Ain’t worth it anymore!

I’m just going to sit back on my beach chair with a bottle of Capt Morgan and watch the world drive itself over a cliff! Watch it tumble down and hitting the rocks as it falls to the bottom and catching on fire. After the fire dies down and we look at the mess of crumpled metal that was Humanity, only then will we realize that we fucked up.

By that time it will be too late!

As i sip my Ginger Ale and Capt Morgan the strong sweet rum pours down into my stomach.


I just don’t care anymore! If the end of the world came then let it come. I’m ready! Because there is no hope for none of us.

Please prove me wrong!

I see dark clouds on the horizon! They are coming! A dark storm that can either bring positive change or the end( I think it’s the latter). You can here the thunder rumbling out in the distance.

I wait patiently for the end of the show and to finally put it all to rest.

What do you think?