Men Sometimes Talk That Way.

The recent fiasco of Trump talking mad shit on how he tried to bang some chick has made the news yet again!

The media will continue to pull stuff out of their arsenal now that its getting closer to Election Day.

In the video he was talking about Women much like Men do when we congregate and no Women are around.

The total trash talking of Women has made every Feminists ears prick up and now they are ready to destroy him! Even Hillary is ready to get at him something fierce!

My wife asked me yesterday while watching the news of Men really talk like that amongst ourselves. In reality we do tend to objectify women when we congregate but not to the point of saying “I grabbed her pussy!”. We usually talk about banging and how good she looks in her outfit. We do get vulgar but it’s between ourselves.

Even that a Man should never open up like that to other Men who he does not know.

Just by looking at the video every man would instantly realize what Trump was doing. He was trying to be the Alpha in the group. So we went about bragging on how he tried to “bang” Nancy.

This was not locker room ranting this was more of a “look at me” and how much of a man I am!

Basically he was showing off to the other guys in the group. Guys he is not familiar with as well as no bond for each other. A true Man will never reveal what another man has said within the group.

Its just something that Men do.

Trump is just a show off! We all have that person in our groups. The person who always talk smack about the things he did and how glorious he was at executing it.

When that man is around we usually just mess around and ig him on as a joke then shut him down.

Its all in fun! Billy Bush though sold him out! That’s a no no in the Make world. He could have gotten his ass beat for it. Why? Because he broke the bond within the group.

They will isolate him and completely stop telling him things. Totally kept in the dark.

I think more of this will continue to come out as more and more Men continue to throw each other under the bus to be famous.

Personally I think Billy Bush put that tape out on behalf of his family. Would not surprise me if that were the case.

Gentlemen its dangerous out there! Watch what you say around other people you do not know. Although they may be buddy buddy with you on the outside. In the inside they may be tyrants!

Always watch your words cause it may be used against you one day!