Come Again? Orgasm privilege, casual sex, and female pleasure
Lauren Ingram

Orgasm Privilege?

Lauren I thought society with all of technology around us that Women were able to figure out how to reach an Orgasm whether with a partner or not.

Its sad!

But I have to agree that there are a lot of Psychological and conditioning issues which can affect a Woman’s Orgasm.

As a Man I believe that sex should be a good for the Woman as well as for the Man. Both parties must take the time to know your partners sensitive spots.

And if both partners know each other’s errogenous zones Sex can always end up with a great climax. I’m sure you have figured that out already.

sometimes It takes the man to just ask what she likes and go from there. Most Men do not do this because of their insecurities with sex. And most Women don’t say what they like as if we can read minds.

You can be surprised on how many. men out there don’t know anything about pleasing their woman.

And if she does not know what makes her feel good then it is up to the man to try to figure out where.

It takes time as well as for the Woman to be perfectly comfortable with herself and her mate.

I find it shocking that there are still Men who think the Vagina is ugly.

Personally I find it beautiful! A button to push to turn a Woman on and unleash her powerful sexual energy.

If you know how to stimulate her and make her feel safe so that she can let go you will led her to the promise land.

Men have to learn that Porn is fake! Real women at least most do not bend like a piece of rubber and yes its uncomfortable.

As Men we have to stop thinking of ourselves and instead find ways to make her climax.

Get into her mind! Tell her the things she wants to hear! Don’t just get straight to fucking. There is a process to this. Touch her body, kiss her neck and her lips. Get her warmed up!

While having sex play with her body. Caress her hair and her skin. Stimulate her then stop. Its all about the buildup!

Ladies you need to stop denying yourselves this! You are missing out big time! Learn what makes you go!

Once you get it you will never forget it! At least that’s what my Wife says!lol

Great article Lauren!