Cautionary Tales from a Slack Channel, or “Recruiter Beware”
lisa rokusek


What can I say! I have dealt with many of them during those times when I’m interested to make a move to another company.

I get bombarded with emails once my resume is out there on the Internet.

The problem is that I get the phone calls and phone interviews not after that nothing materializes into a offer. It’s just another voice on the phone trying to pitch me.

Not only that there have been many times that I call them and leave a VM only to never hear back from them! It just starts messing with me to a point that when I do get a response from a recruiter I just ignore it and look for a job myself.

Most recruiters that I have spoken to sound very young, and overwhelm when they talk on the phone. Why is that?

My question is this! So you guys ever really find people for those positions? Or is it just a ploy?

It’s just seems like a waste of time talking to recruiters when they do not really help you in putting you into that position you may have available.

It’s funny about those job ads because being an IT guy I did see them quite a bit in Tech Job Boards and I have to agree with you that they did not sound professional but more like inept. So I stayed away from those ads.

Still though I think being a Recruiter is a pretty cool job once you know and learn how to do it properly it can be a great resource to have!

I still use them even though I said what I said above. It does help because you never know I might hot that recruiter lotto and get that job that your client has.

My next question is this? How does one become a Recruiter?

Thank you Lisa for the great article!