Happy 15th birthday, War on Terror.
SF Ali

So true Ali! So true!

In this modern society where fear is used to control the masses it surprises me at how quickly people will blame a whole group because of what one person did?

Yes it’s tragic about September 11! I understand. But what about all those innocent people we have bombed to oblivion? I see no tears shed for them.

September 11 at least to me is just another ploy to make the masses more agreeable in giving up their freedoms and rights.

Why do you think that Police Man is standing at the train station all military geared up. Eyeing you down just hoping for anyone to do some shit! So he can use his fully automatic military issue M16 on your ass.

Now you got Trump talking about Racial Profiling? I heard this before many times. The next thing you know we all going to wear armbands. Kind of like the Jews did in Germany.

It’s all bullshit!

Great post Ali!

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