The One Thing That Will Make America Great!

I’m sure you heard that term time and time again!

Lets make America great again!

When they say that I tend to look back at the stuff that I remember that happened growing up and the events of history back from before I was born till now.

Its hard to think that America was great since it was full of problems much of the problems are still floating around today.

Why would we think America was great back then? And why would we want to go back to the past? A time where certain social groups could not go to certain places because of their skin color.

Or during the 60's where Vietnam killed hundreds of thousands of our young men and women on both sides of the fence.

Being killed by Cops or a cluster bombs.

Our hands are red with the blood of those people who threatened our Ponzi scheme. And then we get our panties twisted when someone else decides to dish out the same shit we have been doing.

And so much more!

How do you make America great again? You can’t because America is not great! America has not been great for a very long time.

Dare to say since its inception. Sad to say!

The founding fathers said that all men are created equal and yet they owned slaves. How hypocritical is that?

Where Abraham Lincoln is supposedly emancipated the Slaves. When in reality he did not want to do that?

No one wants to live in the past and yet here we are wishing to go back to a time long forgotten. Were times were good for certain people.

I think Americans are envious of 1950's America. It looked so perfect, but beneath its was a lifestyle full debt and consumerism. Unhappy marriages and addictions

That lifestyle is long gone as its not much different then today. Except that we are deeper in the whole.

But I got an idea which I think will make this country great!

This one thing can change this divided country into one. Rather than get at each other’s throats and look to strangers who do not have our best intentions in mind why not look at your fellow brother!

It does not matter what social group or color he or she is!

How about we come together and UNITE!

That’s right UNITE and come to together. Why? Because this country has some serious problems.

Problems that our leaders do not want to solve because they and their friends are profiting from it so it falls upon us to fix.

Because these problems affect us all so we all need to come to together.

Stop acting with hate for each other and instead love! I know you have that in you. I know you have the capacity to love your brother whether white or black.

Stop being afraid and come together. Its the only way we can progress as a species and as countrymen.

I don’t hate you and I approach you with arms wide open because you are my brother and sister. I don’t care about your background, what clothes you wear, how much money you have. Those things are meaningless and are only valuable in this society. They do not add value to your life.

You have to value yourself and not the other way around.

Lets stop this violence and come together rather than apart. Nothing good can come from a divided country.

Forget about Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, All Lives Matter and whatever other fucking group you want to make up.

We are family!

We are a part of Gods family

That is how you Make America Great! By loving your neighbor and supporting each other when it permits.

Can we give it a chance? Or are you scared of change! I’m ready to take the first step!