Who Cares About The Undecided Voter!

Yes who cares! Not me and neither do you. So why do the media flood the airwaves with this new debacle this election.

Why do we spend all of this time trying to convince voters to sign up for either side when both candidates are not worth your vote!

Stop thinking about who you want to choose to be your Slave Master and take your vote to a third party. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have ever helped you or me in any situation.

As a matter of fact they have taken from us since way before Hillary and Don were on the scene.

Do you really care? I sure as hell don’t! Because they are not representing me nor are they repping you!

Come on think about it! Do you really think that two Billionaires actually give a crap about you or me? If they did we would not be in this moment right now!

With all the Presidents that cake before these two knuckleheads could have made America even better! Instead You know what will happen?

Absolutely nothing!

Business will continue as usual. The problems will continue as usual so in the end what good will it do whether you choose Hillary or Trump.

Will it really matter if you are decided or undecided? America will continue running on one cylinder rather than all cylinders.

The problems these two candidates continue to talk about are problems that many other past Presidents have spoke about time and time again. Jobs going overseas as well as the constant rise of prices and the slow down of the economy.

These are issues and more that have been hampering this great country.

The reality is that these problems will never, ever, ever be solved.

We need to get our shit together and stop depending on two billionaires who say they know how you feel?

How do they know what it is to be Middle Class or poor when they themselves never lived that life.

Even if Trump wins he will it be able to do anything because he burned so many bridges. The same with Hillary.

These two people are just disgusting and to see that hurts me even more. But if America wants to go down the hole and become an authoritarian country rather than a republic than that’s your weight to carry.

I rather hold off for now and to be honest you should too. Don’t let these guys force you into deciding quickly because once you do you cannot take the vote back.

My advise to the undecided voter is this. If you have not decided then that is because you do not agree with any of the two Candidates.

The choice is up to you! Or not!