Why Is Blac Chyna Hairs a Big Deal?

Whats the big deal!

Looking through the internet as i usually do I come across some stupid shit!

The type of crap the fills the internet these days. Celebrity crap that just bothers me to no end. I mean if it were something worth while like they help some town with getting free electricity that would be something!

Instead I’m bothered with Blac Chyna’snew dreads. As if that shit is important! I cannot believe that they have made an industry around these people.

I guess you don’t actually have to do anything smart these days to be famous.

Why are people so obsessed with celebrities? Is their life that great that you would want to live through them? If you are not happy with your life then you have the ability to change it. Stop giving these people all this focus when they are not doing nothing for you.

For me if these people one day disappear from the planet I would not miss them at all as my life will not be affect by them not being here.

Stop strap hanging and get your self your own life!

Who gives a shot about Blac Chyna’s dread anyway! Be happy about your own life and spend your time learning something that can benefit humanity rather than leech from it!

What do you think?

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