Why Men Don’t Talk in the Bathroom!

The public bathroom a place where Men keep their guard up. Where certain rules like keeping a urinal between you and another Man is a rule every man knows all to well.

When we have to go we go quietly making sure there is no eye contact because then you will be viewed with suspicion.

When peeing in an urinal you need to keep your eyes on your dick and not the other guys. Too much head movement and eye wandering may get your ass kicked.

And as we all know there are some crazy people out there.

Anyway once we are done peeing. We walk towards the sink and wash your hands(at least I do) some skip this step and leave.

Never once looking around or acknowledging each other.

Which is why I wonder!

How do Women do it? Go to the bathroom together. What do you talk about in there? What takes you so long when you are in there?

I can tell you this you won’t ever catch me doing that?

Also do you talk to each other while taking a poop?

That is just weird as hell! How can you concentrate?

Although some Men do talk before and after they never talk during. We need to concentrate on pointing to that fly sticker on the urinal.

Every now and then you will have a transgender coming in and raise his skirt to pee in the urinal even he knows not to talk to you while peeing.

Its a one of many unwritten rules that Men practice or know everyday.

It sounds funny I know. But it is what it is!

What do you think?

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