Letter to Ty

Good luck in your interview tomorrow. I hope you get the stockroom job at Target. It’s not going to be easy. But nothing worth getting ever is.

Remember that you’re smarter than you give yourself credit for and you’re physically capable to do the job well. Just lead with your heart and tell real stories about yourself and you’ll be fine.

And smile more. You’ve earned it.

This shit ‘aint easy for either of us. I thought I had everything figured out a long time ago. Then you make hard and fast decisions for near term gain. Maybe it’s leaving a good job too early. Or putting on a ski mask. Just two different paths to the same regret. In many ways we’re the same person.

But I can’t help to wonder why it is that your problems seem so much bigger than mine. My knee-jerk is that we’ve failed. But I don’t know. Maybe you come from a wealthy family. Maybe you had a loving, protective nuclear family. Maybe your Brooklyn and my Brooklyn are the same place. But for some reason I doubt that. I think we’ve failed.

The past is done. Sunk costs. Look to the future. It’s there for you. Don’t believe the negative things people say about you or think about you. They haven’t shaken your hand and looked you in the eye.

Good luck Tarsheen. In a world in which the deck is stacked against you, you’ll need a bit of luck. But it’s out there. Just keep moving forward and lead with your heart.