Rather than wallow in post-Referendum misery, I’m proposing one way we can counter the flawed and ill-conceived process that got us here. Yes, I’ve signed the petition for a second referendum, but I’m not optimistic about its chances of success. I’m asking those committed to remaining in the EU to consider direct action.

David Allen Green has made it clear that until Article 50 is invoked, nothing has changed. Unless we were lied to when we were told it was a non-binding referendum, it is just that: NON-BINDING. We can still step back from the abyss. Although much of the media is treating Brexit like a fait accompli, it’s not.

My proposal is this: when official notification that Article 50 is about to be invoked comes, just walk out en masse. Hit the streets. Ditch school. Withdraw your labour to demonstrate that you will not wear this travesty, that this country’s future is too important to sacrifice to the lying Leave campaign and allegiance to a flawed interpretation of democracy.

My only caveat is: don’t endanger anyone. If stopping would seriously compromise anyone’s safety, keep doing what you’re doing. Office workers, go for it. Students, it’s your future that’s at stake. You’ve been given a raw deal for years now. Get out there and fight.