2035 - Moon’s Doom Festival

*blogging of the future commercials

The year is 2035. Gino is about to complete his master’s degree in the Department of Electronic Engineering with honors at the #Virgin Galactic Space Academy. He tightens his seat belt and listens with care to the captain’s voice: “Virgin Galactic Space Lines Flight 008 at 25:23 Universal Time path of land, 5C — Destination, Kepler Crater — The moon.”

He looks at the hologram projected from his smartwatch’s’ screen and see an advertisement in which a group of students seem to enjoy the experience of walking, jumping and climbing abilities skipping along the moon’s surface, exploiting the low gravity on the moon. Nonetheless, he has already experienced this special feeling a few times in the past with the same #CTRIP agency. The advertisement is replaced with another ad; a reflection of a beautiful woman on the screen. #Chanel69, an exclusive perfume, pleasant smells diffuses inside his nostrils. He recalls in the last time he met with his girlfriend, Ocean. That scent brought back memories…

It was the night before, they were in a nightclub, and her rolling laughter was loud and burning as flames of fire, addictive and pacifying as ever. He took her hand and led her toward a reserved small round table; a strong wave of desire was spreading through his body. They sat across from each other. Gino ordered a bottle of champagne. He had something in his pocket, this was a special moment, and he wished all to be perfect.

His smartwatch buzzed. It returned to him now, this repeated vision of himself in an inter-galactic nightclub having a conversation with a spacy sexy lady. Confused by that repeated vision and yet excited, soon he will surprise Ocean and invite her to join him on a 4 day vacation in the #Galactic Suite, of a space station and a hotel orbiting the Earth every 90 minutes. And more importantly he is planning a special moment whereas he would ask her to marry him with that round shaped yellow diamond ring he purchased on #DiamondRegistry. Yes, it will be on the moon. Luckily, Gino is one of the few fortunate enough to be part of the production team, now on their way to prepare the stage in the “Moon Dome”.

The pilots power and Gino hears a roar as the jet engines spool up. Small bumps from the runway surface and the runway centerline lights. The plane’s wheels spin up to speed and leave the ground as the plane take off from the spaceport in New Mexico. The lightweight interior panels and fascia rattle and vibrate a little at first, the nose of the plane tilts up and everything gets quieter and smoother and soon enough they are floating in the air.

Gino is flipping between hologram reflections of News in a #SPACETIMES magazine like that a satellite sent a year ago has successfully returned from the star Proxima Centauri, close to us, 4.2 light years; a new #MacVeggi branch, the successful food chain company #MacDonald, is being setting up in the space station…

Lights that indicate passengers should tighten up their seat belts are turned on. The voice of the Captain is heard notifying them that the airplane is about to be detached from the spaceship 22, where Gino and another eleven passengers are sitting, already tightened up to their seats.

50,000 feet in the air, spaceship 22 is being released from the mothership. Drops off for few seconds, light the rocket motor, straighten up still in which point taking Mach 3.2 ride straight up. All feel the acceleration and their bodies tighten up to their seats.

The pilot’s voice is heard again, “Dear Astronaut passengers of Virgin Galactic Space Lines Flight 008, this is your captain speaking, rocket motor cuts off, all are free to unbuckle their sit belt and free to float above the cabin, feel weightlessness, do a flip in the air, look outside the windows and enjoy the blue earth curving way below you or the black sky and deep space above.” Black Space is seen outside the window, with bright shimmering light of the stars; Dark but not lonely.

Lights that indicate passengers should tighten up their seat belts are turned on. They are asked to return to their seats. The pilots power the engines. Soon enough Gino can see through the window that they approached the space station where together with the rest of the crew they will go down to have a short meal, while the shuttle be refueling, and immediately after they will continue to the moon. He was full to bursting with excitement.

The #Virgin Galactic spaceship 22 binds to a docking pier. In the background one can see supply spaceships of #SpaceX Corporation and two spaceships of Virgin Galactic with tourists making their way toward the space hotel.

A short briefing is given during of the meal, teams’ distribution, schedules, destinations, emergency procedures and regulations. Gino memorized and studied the map of the crater where the Concert will take place, using #GoogleMap and #GoogleGlasses. His role as a Stage Technician is to be in charge for light and sound.

The production team consists of a relatively small human crew of 6 people and robots such as the moon spiders, moon dragon-flies and supercomputers that are all year round in the space field site 5C — in Kepler crater.

Gino imagines the arrival and landing on the moon. There is no evidence there of ancient cultures and neither does he expect to find exotic animals and plants. Nonetheless, this first concert is to be a spiritual experience, especially as it is to be on the Moon’s surface.

The Moon Dome is where the event will take place, a special artificial park that was set up in 2031; eleven square miles in size. Moon’s Dome can hold up to ten thousand people with a constant temperature of 22 degrees throughout the year.

They all got prepared to leave the station and continue to the moon, Gino looked down to his left far below to catch a glimpse of the Aurora Borealis lighting up the northern sky and he was struck by its beauty and reminded again of the beauty of Ocean, his girl as beautiful as the Roman Goddess of the Dawn. He thought of her,’ is she also looking now at the starry sky and think of me’. His mind turned to his forte, communications, signals and telephony courtesy of the Academy and #AT&T and he imagines turning the light waves of the Aurora Borealis into sound to be played as a techno event on his $Bose system. Just about then he felt a warm and strange feeling in his body, as if someone is nearby and watching him. Gino rushed to the window but saw nothing. He could swear that the same intelligent life form he imagined meeting in the intergalactic clubhouse was closer than ever.

His smart watch buzzed a message from an unknown caller. Usually he never takes such calls, especially that he is now in space and most likely that this may cost him a great deal. Gino looked to the sides, he could not resist the temptation, it was a video message and something inside him told him he needs to watch this and NOW. Gino decided to take this call. It was a hologram of that same spacy-sexy woman. Now he could see it clear, just as he imagined.

‘Gino, it is nice to meet with you again. I am Xixi from $VirginBrides and I have a surprise for you from Ocean,’ to activate use codename ‘Ocean’, enjoy the rest of your flight to the moon.


With playful regards,


p.s. don’t forget to press the codename.