Having to write Codables for all the JSON I get from GitHub was also a PITA, but at the end of the day I am much happier to have type-safe structs than the quick-coding alternatives that JavaScript and even ObjC allow when operating with JSON.
Server-side Swift: Making Canopy
Max Howell

Thanks for this wonderful piece 😺 looking forward to the next part. I’m very interested because I want to see myself use Swift for my next side-project. However, last time I checked, it felt half-baked at most and the development experience was very slow. I believe that this can and will change.

About the fact that writing Codables for JSON endpoints is PITA… It is way more PITA when you are revisiting the code a couple of days (or even hours) later. 😺

There’s a great tool for generating Swift structs from JSON objects. I have never used it because I don’t use Swift: QuickType. It also has a web version for quick usage: https://app.quicktype.io/. Pretty exciting stuff.

Thanks again