How to Use the Burndown Framework to Build Better Products
Matt Bilotti

Intriguing framework! I love the JTBD focus (tho one has to be sure to read’s caveats of Clay Christensen’s milkshake mindset).

One question that comes to mind… how is technical debt dealt with? e.g., refactors, devops, technical work. If developers say “we’d like to change how we do deployments”, is that a column? Or does everything have to fit in with UI-centered iterations? (and I’m very sympathetic with the latter — that it’s ok for devs to have tech debt, just get it as part of a forward effort).

To answer my own question, as a potential mindset: everything has UI, even the command line, even deployments, directories, tests, etc. If devs want a release of their own, they can define how it should look and act in the end. Thinking about it…

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