Deep dive into the rules of visualization and comprehensible structure creation

In this article I would like to share my experience in creating a sales presentation for This example illustrates the best ways to present products, sell services and engage new partners.

Step 1. Determine the problems of your audience

We got 33,000 likes and 2,100 comments in 6 hours — here’s how

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Reddit is the world’s 17th most frequently visited site, according to Alexa Internet and SimilarWeb. It comprises 1.7 billion visitors monthly and about 36 million regular users.

Reddit consists of groups — called subreddits — based on different topics such as startups, business, data visualization, etc. We targeted a subreddit named “Data is beautiful.”

r/dataisbeautiful is a community of 14 million people. It’s designed to share different data visualization techniques and approaches (graphs, charts, maps, etc.)

Given that our team specializes in presentations, we decided to make it in one simple slide. …

Pitches from AirBnB and Tinder to Uber and YouTube across various rounds of funding

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Whether your pitch deck will receive investment or not depends fiercely on how convincing the presentation looks.

To find out how to create a successful pitch deck, my team reviewed and analyzed more than 100 presentations of successful startups from 1999–2018 (you can see the full list of companies and download presentations here).

We discovered several interesting facts and patterns, to say the least.

I hope our findings help you build a presentation that will impress investors and accelerate you to the next round.

Five tips to make the presentation clearer and not to lose the main point

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Many presentations have the same common problem — there is too much unnecessary information on the slides. As if the speakers want to prove that they understand the topic and convince the audience that they are experts.

Unfortunately, this works the other way around. The ones from the back can’t see anything and people on the front raw get tired too fast and you lose their attention almost from the start.

The main rule for every presentation is to make the slides easy to read with text, visualization, and a speaker’s speech.

Sometimes the topic of the presentation is complicated…

Ilya Galushin

Expert in visual communications, presentations and startup pitch decks. Founder of Presium — global design consultancy studio

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