Florida Man Goes Undercover at a Trump Rally
Max Jackson

I’m not really sure about how I feel about this. On one side I think the idea of Trump in the Whitehouse is terrifying, on the other side you appear to be just as biased in the other direction. Some of your reactions seemed to be a bit over the top and the people you spoke to seem to be extreme examples as well.

I’m in the UK and for most of us over here, Trump is like some extreme character from the Simpsons. Very few of us are interested enough to look at the detail of his policies, we just see the rhetoric and shake our heads in disbelief. It’s not spin because there are TV clips of him doing and saying exactly what the media says he’s doing.

Given the choice, the rest of the world would probably vote for Clinton (I am assuming it’s going to be Trump vs Clinton), if only because what she says has some semblance of being achievable. We know what Trump says is unachievable so that leaves us thinking what will he do when he can’t do what he says he will.

We have no say in what happens but everyone I know is crossing their fingers and silently praying: please not Trump, please not Trump.

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