It’s Time to Trash Body Positivity

Intersectionality Spoiler:

For non-white women body positively is a part of decolonizing our aesthetics and minds. It is connected to unlearning internalized anti-blackness and white supremacy. This isn’t just about beauty for black women but re-humanizing our black female bodies that were classified as non-human for centuries. Think of how many times Michelle Obama was called a gorilla, an ape, and a man.

For disabled women body positivity is about unlearning internalized ableism fed to us by the medical industrial complex, our families, and society. The beauty standard is used to justify painful surgeries on disabled bodies that are sometimes not medically necessary. They are performed to make our bodies less displeasing to the ableist gaze.

My disabled black female body is used to challenge by humanity. Beauty aesthetics are used to justify racism and ableism. Racialized ableist beauty standards are about more than beauty.