How Steam Direct, PUBG and the rise of China affected the biggest PC gaming marketplace in 2017.

The following article is based on the presentation I gave at GDC 2018. The data was gathered during February 2018 and by now is probably slightly outdated.

Obligatory Fine Print

Steam Spy only tracks owners and players, not sales. Steam Spy doesn’t track DLCs or MTXs.

It’s impossible to distinguish between games sold…

An average indie title these days is priced $8.72 on Steam. During the last Summer Sale the price went down to the mind-boggling $4.63 and yet the average sales are at their lowest at 21,000 copies.

Small indie titles usually have a smaller audience save for a few outliers. The problem with our approach is that people seem to normalize extremely successful breakout hits while assuming everything that didn’t sell north of a million copies is a complete failure.

This is simply not true. It’s understandable…

You’ve heard this talk before: iPad was supposed to replace PC for the majority of casual users dragging us into the sci-fi future of thin and powerful devices that can do everything.

Of course, it didn’t happen and is unlikely to happen shortly, but iPad can indeed replace PC in…

Recently there have been several reports about some AAA titles under performing in what considered to be a traditionally good season for big games. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Watch Dogs 2 are two prime examples, although people seem to forget about Battlefield 1 that got double the audience of Battlefield 4 at launch.

Rob Fahey wrote an interesting article at about the transition our industry is going through, but his version of the future seems to be focused exclusively on console and maybe PC titles without taking into account all other gaming platforms and niches.

Who is a gamer anyway?

What’s going on, in my opinion, is…

Sergiy Galyonkin

Steam Spy, game development and marketing.

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