How the BJP’s Smear Machine Works: A Personal Story
Sadanand Dhume

Actual smear campaign is by Mr. Dhume’s real pay masters (via Dhume) about character assassination of the new President. Besides the plagiarism charge that Mr. Dhume has responded to, most of the people have problems with Mr. Dhume’s acts of biased Insinuations, Omission and Commission.

Some examples from his most recent article:

a) He sites some online sources stating Mr. Kovind failed Civil Services exam twice (implying he is not smart/capable).

The problem is that the same online sources also mentioned that Mr. Kovid did clear the exam the third time. Which Mr. Dhume very conveniently ignores/fails to mention.

b) Another hatchet job done by Mr. Dhume is to judge Mr. Kovind’s professional career as a Lawyer to be unsuccessful. Again this is his personal opinion, where as general perception is, that a person to be practising in High Courts and Supreme Courts is a successful lawyer.

c) While Mr. Kovind’s political association with RSS/BJP does pain a lot of Lutyens Journalist (a corrupt fraternity Mr. Dhume belongs to), the fact is that he has a clean record (i.e. non corrupt) free of any scandals. His impartial and upright Governorship of Bihar even won him plaudits from the current Bihar Chief Minister who is a political opponent of RSS/BJP.

This fact Mr. Dhume very conveniently fails to inform his readers.

This is what Mr. Dhume’s employers need to see through and show him the door if they care about their reputations. Failing which the public can see that Mr. Dhume’s employers are also hand in glove with the corrupt previous Congress government.

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