Why we chose VueJs over REACT and Angular 2 to replace Angular 1

Seb.L. asked:

> remember Coffeescript ?)

Yes I do. My team and I use it everyday and we are very happy. Because of the (Google/MS paid) hype, we have studied and considered Typescript (TS) and Dart but we found Coffeescript superior. I really wanted to like TS because of Angular 2, but it looks like a verbose Microsoft product. (Remember Visual Basic?)

Coffeescript does not produce "legacy code", it is Javascript in the end. There is no "wasted investment" since it is very easy to learn and to re-use it with Javascript or even TS.

Coffeescript continues to evolve, and Coffeescript 2 generates ES6. I found no reason to chose TS over Coffeescript's elegance, productivity and conciseness.

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