Effective Reading Principles

This is an extract from a long form article I wrote. I you would like to access my full reading journey, click here.

1.-Read every single day!

Yeah! that’s it. However, you have to create a framework to make it work for you. This is not saying that you should read for the sake of reading. What is saying is that you should allocate a specific amount of time for reading purposes only. Believe it or not, this can be as simple as 5 minutes per day (measure it with your smartphone) or one page per day. The important thing is to kick start reading as an activity in your schedule.

As ridiculous as it sounds, commit to it. Put the 5 minute block in your schedule. It means 5 uninterrupted reading exclusive minutes. You can read a book or half a book a year, which is better than no books a year.

2.-Be present

This is the tricky part and it is directly correlated with principle number one. You need to be present and focused on one thing only: reading. That is the reason why committing to 5 minutes is not much of a crazy idea. Put your smartphone on Airplane mode, block all distractions and just read.

So, here you have them. I hope this really adds value to your Reading Self in some way or the other. If you have any other tip or technique, please feel free to include it in the content.