How are you doing? Do you ever think about what others are going through? What makes you think you are special? How many people are there in the world? What are you planning to do with the remaining time in your life?

Questions are necessary. I like asking myself questions, that way, I develop new perspectives. The only way to live like you are supposed to, is to stop thinking you know, because knowing you know limits your chances of experiencing more learning — gaining new insights that can be helpful in your life.

I did not prepare for this I just opened my medium account and started typing. The point am trying to make is this — don’t attach yourself to things, because by doing that you zero out chances of modifying things the way you want. For instance, most people fear death, well death is fear and fear is death, so they hibernate and shut off — they don’t do anything. That means the visions are just in their minds. Do you have dreams? ACTION is everything. Don’t allow anybody, including this post, to affect your beliefs. But remember you can have the greatest beliefs in the world but if you don’t act on them they will remain useless.

This post might sound sure about how to achieve your goals but it is not even close. But the agenda is — I had the guts to write it rather than spend the all day thinking about publishing it. Then make it worse by thinking about how terrible it will be or how I will make a fool out of myself. Free your mind from attachments, and your life will attract new experiences (Attachments). Explore, ask questions, and discard futile beliefs.

Remember where it all started. If you can’t do that, then you probably don’t have a clue of where you are heading. Make your own world. How do you do that. Well it is so simple, realize that we all have different ways of living — perceptions differs. Make yours work for you, if it works for you, it will work for everybody else.

Stop being a hoarder, and start utilizing everything you have, that’s how you make more. If you can’t appreciate this moment, then the next one will have no difference, you have the free will so make use of it. I will tell you why attachments don’t work. How many times have you been to the cemetery. It doesn’t matter how many times but I want you to know this— there was a time those buried there used to wake up and go to sleep, get money and seek more. Don’t wait for that moment, be ready for it by doing whatever you wish, because death is the only thing promised. That is the only way you free yourself. By appreciating the time you have now. Dying is for real. Don’t lie to yourself. Face it and start living. Life is A GIFT, don’t treat it like CRAP.

I assure you that is the only way to KICK ASS like A BAD ASS.

Seek more.