I’ve Lost Count of the Guys I’ve Slept With
Kammie Melton

Does anyone know how many times have you breathed? I guess it doesn’t matter. But certainly somebody were concerned on your first ones.

How not to count your first guys? You have to.

But then, everyone make it’s own life the way it just happens.

There was a time that, for women, to count was inmoral.

Today it is moral to count, but lose count is still inmoral.

It hurts me when other people feel or think different from me because we have to live together at home, at work, at school, at the road and at bed.

Certainly we have to find our peers, but that’s no that simple.

I see now, my history has been written by destiny. I’ve made my best, being myself, and testing not to be myself too. After a time I gave up with all rigid ideas and I started to enjoy my life the way it comes and knowing I am the great protagonist.

I don’t deserve the sexual life this society offers to us. No one deserves it.

Morality is the extremity of conservatism. Times are changing but personal relationships including sex are far behind every other changes.

We need a new sexsuality. Our culture is ready to.

We have to remember, accept and integrate our child sexsuality and stop to think sexsuality start with the adult genital sex. We have to extend sex from our genitals to the rest of our skin and stop to think perversity is bad out of what can be a psychical disorder. We should have more chances to have a good light oral sex, that one that last two hours instead of the hard one that takes just one minute before.

And we should be free to fuck, with anyone, and that’s what counts.