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Artificial intelligence and social media are two of the most powerful technologies that exist today. A.I. brings the power of machine learning to increasingly complex tasks, and social media connects people across a fragmented world.

Each will have a profound impact on both marketing and our society as a whole in the near future. That’s why I founded Sensai, an A.I.-powered social media marketing platform for small businesses and creatives.

Our goal is to provide businesses with a powerful social media marketing solution that offers valuable insights to help them better reach target audiences in an ever-changing social media landscape.

The path that brought me to Sensai is winding (I’ve helped build companies on three continents), unconventional (I went from being an environmental lawyer to a professional athlete to a business leader for massive media companies to a tech entrepreneur), and opportunity-based (I pride myself in creating new markets). …

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Photo credit: Stephen Porter, SP Productions

The annual fnSummit, hosted by the startup founder peer mentorship program Founders Network, offers founders and investors a fantastic opportunity to dig into important topics around startup growth.

I was honored to be among the event’s speakers this year, but even more than sharing my experiences in the A.I. startup space, I loved having the chance to reconnect with people I respect and learn from so many other talented founders. More than most other networks, this group of founders from across the country is amongst the most authentic in their sharing that I’ve experienced.

One of the first people I met at the event was my roommate for the three-day event, Kirsten Bay. …

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Right now, those of us working on the frontiers of artificial intelligence have a major opportunity: we can be a force for good in a connected world.

By influencing the way people communicate with each other on social media, we have the power to help move the needle in one of two directions: toward more negativity, isolation, and conflict, or toward greater empathy, connection, and positivity.

I believe it’s our responsibility to choose the latter and that A.I. can empower empathetic engagement.

Here’s why.

The way many of us interact online is broken.

This is the current state of our world. Online anonymity has given people the perception they can say whatever they want whenever they want — however cruel it may be.

The result? Trolling, bullying, fake news — cancers that damage the online social sphere we all inhabit, and sometimes result in tragedies IRL (in real life). Even when communications are not masked by anonymity, the perceived physical distance creates a sense of disconnection between the cause and effect of cruel online comments. …

Detroit’s renaissance seems undeniable, and it’s a brilliant thing to see for anyone who’s passionate about the future of urban America.

Many people have written about the collapse of Detroit’s automotive plants, and the city’s population decline. But not as many people have shared the growing momentum of Detroit’s comeback. While other Rust Belt cities muddle along, visionary leaders have renewed the Motor City. It’s in shared moments like Detroit Homecoming where the true spirit and scale of the city’s ambition can be seen on full display.

One of the latest steps in this vision is Ford’s purchase of Alchemists Collective’s assets, including The Alchemy in Corktown. To recognize this and other huge steps in Michigan’s business comeback, event founders Jim Hayes and Mary Kramer organized the fifth annual Detroit Homecoming in mid-September. I had the honor to attend and speak briefly about my investment in the city.

TechCrunch Disrupt is a premier event in the early-stage tech world. As an investor, I enjoy meeting enthusiastic founders who are passionate about their companies and how they’re going to change the way we live and work. I share that passion as the founder of Sensai.

Convening with other entrepreneurs who deal with the emotional and intellectual challenges of growing sustainable businesses sparks new ideas for how Sensai can move forward further and faster. It also helps me identify other ways to anticipate and respond to customers’ demand.

It’s also great to reconnect in person with acquaintances at this event. It was nice to have a moment to catch up with Mike Butcher — the longtime TechCrunch Editor and clever MC of Disrupt — and other friends from the UK and Europe at the Greylock opening event. In some ways, Mike’s career epitomizes the spirit of many tech entrepreneurs who want to advance the lives of others and not just look for a quick, big exit or liquidity pop. He has spent most of his time finding ways to use technology to improve the lives of vets and refugees. …

Artificial intelligence hype was pervasive last year and the reality of A.I. is white-hot right now. In fact, 61 percent of enterprises say they implemented A.I. in their organization in 2017 — up 31 percent from 2016. And, 791 public companies mentioned A.I. in their earnings calls in Q3 2017.

What does this mean? It means that A.I. is nearing “big data” or “blockchain” levels of notoriety. Soon, even the most unlikely companies will claim to use the technology (imagine Long Island Iced Tea becoming a blockchain company) to ride the zeitgeist and get some good press. In fact, TGI Fridays is using A.I. to automatically customize cocktails according to your preferences, so Alexa can morph you into a mixologist in the comfort of your own home. Now, that’s a practical use of A.I. …

Unlike Kid Rock’s lyrics, summer anywhere in Michigan is glorious. While many enjoy the “lake life” in our great state that boasts more coastline than any other state in this beautiful country, it’s easy to let our cares get carried away with the waves. However, Michigan faces a critical tipping point. Right now, we have an opportunity to make crucial choices about whether or not Michigan will maintain the status quo, descending further into the international shame of water crises, continued under and unemployment, and poor education. …


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