(MINOR SPOILERS IN THIS REPLY) I like a lot of this theory, and I think it is plausible.
Brad Archer

Totally agree on the chosen one issue. Anakin was/is the chosen one. He destroyed the sith, just like the prophecy said he would. Beyond that, the prophecy doesn’t necessarily have to fit everything post rotj. I think it was based solely on the era of episodes 1–6. And we don’t know if the new dark force users are even sith yet. I also believe balance does not mean equality between light and dark. Balance means light, goodness prevails. The light and dark side of the force have never been described as symbiotic, not yin and yang. balance means an absence of chaos, of all that is good. Anakin brought this about after destroying the sith. Besides, no one wants good and evil equal. That would be horrible!