Gambit to launch minigame: “Frens of Avax — Smol World Cup edition”

High Level


What is Frens of Avax?

Smol World Cup minigame

Frens of Avax — Smol World Cup minigame

Schedule of the tournaments

  1. Mon Aug 29th — Sun Sep 4th
  2. Mon Sep 5th — Sun Sep11th
  3. Mon Sep 12th — Sun Sep 18th
  4. Mon Sep 19th — Sun Sep 25th
  5. Mon Sep 26th — Sun Oct 2d
  6. Mon Oct 3d — Sun Oct 9th
  7. Mon Oct 10th — Sun Oct 16th
  8. Mon Oct 17th — Sun Oct 23th


  • Individual leaderboard: will list the ranking of individual highest scores. Scores are non cumulative for this leaderboard, only the highest score achieved from all of the tries in the week will count.
  • Championship leaderboard: will list the accumulated points that an Avalanche project gets, from all of the users that played the mini-game with the character of their team.


  • Top 3 highest scores: will get airdropped a special Small World Cup champion NFT that grants them bragging rights.
  • Top 50 highest scores: whitelist spots to mint one of their upcoming limited wolf-themed Founders Club NFT collection.

The venue

Gambit’s team at Centenario stadium in Montevideo, Uruguay

About Gambit



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