The 5 Biggest 3D Printing Trends of Fall 2019

3 min readOct 9, 2019

3D printing technologies develop quickly, and simple 3D printers become more affordable year after year. It allows crafters to take full advantage of making unique pieces of art at home. It is exciting to observe 3D printing trends of fall 2019 to understand which models attract hobbyists and enthusiasts from across the globe.

Several years ago, many of us could only dream about making plastic toys, figurines and statues of our favourite characters from movies, comics, TV series, cartoons, and books. Today, it is all possible, and the quality of home-made prints improves significantly.

3D Printing Trends 2019

It is exciting to follow the trends of fall 2019 through discussions within Gambody - 3D Printing Gaming Community on Facebook. Its members share stunning photos of their latest masterpieces, discuss future ideas, give and ask for advice, and share tips and tricks on how to paint figurines, etc.

The most impressive images enter the Hall of Fame, and it is incredible to recollect some of these models in this fall digest.

3D Printing Trend #1: Dragons

Fantastic beasts seem to attract the hearts of millions of kids through books and movies. Many children, as they grow up, still have a passion for dragons. These adults are fond of crafting beasts from their favourite TV series and films.

Stunning Viserion made by Bjørn Fiskvik:

Viserion dragon 3D printing trends 2019

One of the biggest trends of fall 2019 is a dragon from the Game of Thrones. Viserion is a fantastic creature with vast wings and an impressive posture. This model is passionately loved by many hobbyists who have a 3D printer at home.

3D Printing Trend #2: WOW Characters

World of Warcraft game is enjoyed by many hobbyists, who love both to play it and 3D print its most recognised characters.

Fantastic Gul’dan figurine made by Jannie Sandholm:

Gul’dan WOW character 3D printing trends of 2019

The list of 3D printing trends of 2019 includes several WOW models, such as Gul’dan, Sylvanas Windrunner, Illidan, Jaina Proudmoore, Garrosh and Grom Hellscream.

3D Printing Trend #3: Movie Villains

With Halloween 2019 approaching fast, more hobbyists get interested in making famous villains from films and comics.

Spooky It bust made by João Pardinha:

It Clown 3D printing trends of 2019

The most significant trends of this season are It Clown, Jason Voorhees, Joker and Freddy Krueger.

3D Printing Trend #4: MechWarriors

Some gamers love WOW (World of Warcraft), but others are in love with MWO (MechWarrior Online) combat video game. Such fans are always happy to 3D print their favourite MWO character.

Superb MechWarrior crafted by Tony Adkins:

MechWarrior BattleMaster 3D printing trends of fall 2019

This fall, the most 3D printed MechWarriors are Timber Wolf, Archer and Battlemaster.

3D Printing Trend #5: Godzilla

The King of Monsters, Godzilla, is a popular model to craft in 2019. This enormous sea monster is a villain in several Godzilla films, and it is a fantastic figurine to make and paint.

Incredible Space Godzilla made by Trần Hữu Phước‎:

Space Godzilla 3D printed figurine trends 2019

One talented American crafter, Joe Broggio, shared his tips and tricks on painting a Godzilla 3D print which can come handy to anyone interested in building this figurine.

These are the five biggest 3D printing trends of fall 2019 that attract attention and please the heart of a true hobbyist. It is fantastic to observe how crafters turn their passion into real masterpieces. Enthusiasts spend many hours to craft, paint and assemble their figurines and statues, and share their creations with others. Such inspiration is invaluable.




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