Black Swan PC Game

Victoria Bonpartie will be your protagonist in Black Swan Game. She’s a spiritualist and medium, investigating cases police denied to solve. And once in the opera Victoria had a terrible vision. She saw a fire. This fire was happening in the theater, locking inside many children. And those children were doomed. They were screaming with fear and pain. Victoria have decided to help them. But soon she found out terrible truth about these deceased children… Not everyone can be saved in this Adventure Puzzle Hidden Object!

Nice unputdownable PC game Black Swan has been designed by popular developers. Black isn’t revolutionary, but it’s obvious that designers put a lot of efforts and time into this neat Adventure, Hidden Object PC game.

If you ever tried to play any Hidden Object PC game, Black Swan will be easy for you. From qualitatively memorable videosequence to electric melody and sumptuous plot everything in hunky-dory Swan PC game will tow players who loves breathtaking Puzzle/Adventure casual games.

Peerless Black Swan Chapter I PC game dedicated to the distinguished adventures in entrancing reality, so similar to ours. Pleasant harmonic melody will be found in this thrilling, red-blooded Adventure / Puzzle game Black Swan! Even the most demanding gamers will find enjoyment with B-Swan PC game.

Black Swan Game

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