DragonScales 2: Beneath a Bloodstained Moon Game

Fight against evil in DragonScales 2: Beneath a Bloodstained Moon Game! Your protagonist in this mix of Match-3 and puzzle is Princess Claudine. Most of her life she was a peaceful ruler of her kingdom. But when a bloodstained moon risen to the sky, forces of darkness received great power-up from it! And now their leader, wicked witch Lilith Darksage is planning to conquer the whole world! You are the only one who can stop her, using powers of Dragon Scales. Gather up to five powers, survive battles against mighty dragons and protect the world from Lilith!

Our new memorable Mac/PC game DragonScales Part II: Beneath a Bloodstained Moon has been designed by qualitatively makers and include understandable rede, straightforward and pulse-pounding toilless setup. Mini-games in DragonScales 2: Beneath a Bloodstained Moon are familiar to you from the game’s predecessors, other Match-3 PC/Mac games.

You will notice that DragonScales 2 mini-games are rather fancy, they are interesting enough, but if you aren’t a tenderfoot, you won’t be very glad. DragonScales 2: Beneath a Bloodstained Moon is one of special Match-3 genre games.

You can start to play Beneath a Bloodstained Moon, get plenty of presents and derive pleasure. PC/Mac game taking place in the heavenly kingdom, which involve players because of its distingue rendering. DragonScales 2: Moon Daedalean side riddles are as noble as the main quest. Good luck!

DragonScales 2: Beneath a Bloodstained Moon Game

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